In these tough economic times, talented and experienced sales teams are vital for survival. That is exactly what we are…a professional and dedicated Contract Sales Force.

Since 1985, Contact Publicity has worked with many of the country's leading organisations, providing them with a professional and highly experienced, outsourced sales operation.
Our team includes some of the country's most experienced and enthusiastic media and marketing sales personnel. Our sales people are armed with a comprehensive database of contacts and have developed relationships in every sector, which allows us to identify and source leads that will maximise revenue for our client’s titles and products.

So, if your sales figures need a boost, whether it’s attracting advertising revenue for a publication, sponsorship, an awards dinner event or any other marketing campaign and you don’t want the hassle of recruiting and maintaining your own sales team…we’re just a phone call or email away!

Contact Publicity • 2nd Floor • 1455 Maryhill Road • Glasgow G20 9AA • 0141 204 2042 •